Your outdoor and hiking clothing and equipment lose their water-repellent effect over time. You can easily restore this with, for example, Re: Claim waterproofer. Spray directly on the outside of the garment and allow it to dry. Ideal for shell garments, down jackets, trousers, gloves and even tents.

Re: Claim Waterproofer is an environmentally friendly impregnation that makes your clothes and utensils waterproof without impairing their breathability. Suitable for materials such as GORE-TEX.

Re: Claim has been designed to restore the water-repellent effect in your garments. It is very easy to apply, just spray on and let dry.

You use it when you notice that the water-repellent effect of your garment has deteriorated.

It has a pleasant scent as it is free of solvents.

The product is gas-free

Recommended products are:

Re: Claim Waterproofer (300 ml)

• Does not need to be activated in a heating cabinet / tumbler
• Works on all materials incl. Goretex
• Smells faintly of perfume
• Manufactured and produced in Sweden

  • Re:claim Waterproofer
    149.00 kr