At what temperature should you wash wool? This is a common question. For wool, it is important to find a good compromise between water that is hot enough to handle all stains and cool enough to prevent damage to the sensitive material. Generally, wool garments should be washed at 30 degrees or less, but always check the care label on the garment before washing to ensure that you wash at a temperature that the material can withstand.

How to wash wool in the machine:

Wool garments can be washed in the washing machine with gentle detergent and machine settings that are designed to mimic the soft measures of traditional hand washing.

• Place the wool garment in the washing machine and add a gentle detergent made for wool
• Set the washing machine to hand wash or wool wash. Your machine washes automatically at colder temperatures and spins much more slowly to reduce the risk of damage to property.

Because wool is such a delicate fabric, some people feel more secure with hand washing of their wool garments than putting them in the washing machine. Both methods are effective, so it is to your own personal preferences that decides.

If you prefer to wash your hands, do the following:

• Fill a tub / sink with lukewarm (not too hot) water
• Add a mild detergent that is designed to be gentle on sensitive fabrics, such as Re: Claim Wool which also moisturizes the garment with Lanolin.
• Examine the product label for dosing instructions. Liquid detergent works best.

Recommended products are:

Re: Claim Outdoor Wool (500 ml)

• Removes odors and stains in woolen clothes
• Contains Lanolin – natural fat from wool
• For hand washing and 30 C machine wash
• For wool and wool blended materials
• Manufactured and produced in Sweden

  • Re:claim Outdoor Wool
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