A workout can soil your workout clothes properly, so it is extra important to take care of them in the right way.

Some people add extra detergent to their smelly gym clothes, but more is actually worse. Why? Your washing machine has a standard program that is set to handle a certain amount of detergent, all excess is not washed out of the garment. It then only builds on the fibers in your clothes, encapsulates dead skin and creates an ideal environment for fungi that often smell bad.

The real villain – when it comes to your training clothes – is fabric softener that is not adapted for training clothes, it is because the fabric softener locks the smell in your clothes. However, if you wash your training clothes with a suitable fabric softener, you can significantly extend their lifespan.

Turn everything inside out to protect the colors of your garments. Follow the instructions in the washing thread patch, avoid tumble dryers and heating cabinets.

Recommended products are:

Re: Claim Original / Reclaim Sensitive 500 ml

• Removes odors and stains in training clothes
• For hand and machine washing, works from 0 degrees
• Environmentally friendly and eco-labeled with Good Environmental Choice
• Works with all materials, very gentle on fibers and pressure
• Manufactured and produced in Sweden

  • Re:claim Sensitive
    129.00 kr
  • Re:claim Original
    129.00 kr